Learning by doing: KIS Cadre Wiki

"When students are given access to information and asked to use it as a raw material, and the technology to work the information, they become information artisans, they become empowered learners." - David Warlick

This is YackPack's "Walkie Talkie" Widget. Push the button and talk through your website to anybody viewing. "Voice-chat." Interesting. Could it be useful in the classroom?

Mar. 25: KIS 5 and 9 on the Wikispaces map! (Look at Grade 5 represent!)

From Wikispaces homepage, 25 March 2007

THE TAKE OVER!!! YES MR. SPIVEY has INVADED THIS SPACE! Not sure where to put this but my kid have produces some news videos on currents events. If you would like to check it out, first join my wikispace, and then click on this link. My wikispace is jspivey.wikispaces.com .

Did you miss our first meeting? No you didn't! Click here for the videos. (Meetings are old school ;-)

I. Problems to Solve

A. Issues and needs

II. Basic EdTech Toolbox:

A. Quick Movie Tutorials You'll see a few of these pop up in your Bloglines soon. Just a few.

B. Updating Our Computers:

III. Resources, Partner Schools, More

A. Elementary School Resources and Global Partner Classes

B. Middle School Resources and Global Partner Classes

C. Jargon Quiz: Let's de-mystify the read/write web gobbledygook

D. Cadre blog: Contribute, Collaborate, Connect to other teachers and classrooms worldwide. And remember: subscribe to its RSS (Atom) on Bloglines!

E. Comparing traditional classroom literacy practices with read-write web possibilities

F. Links to Edublogs and Blogging Classrooms, Teachers, Librarians, Principals, and Administrators. Excellent way to get acquainted with the edublogoshpere. Hosted by Wikispaces.

IV. Meeting agendas